You may browse owner financed properties thru out the state of Minnesota and western Wisconsin


Minnesota Owner financing is back in a big way. We have 100s of  Contract for deed properties in Minnesota & Western Wisconsin TO VIEW.

You may own a home with bad credit-No qualify Contract for deed Financing.

How to buy a Real Estate with out a using bank in today’ Real estate market?

This is hard times when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage with most lenders.

Minnesota Sellers typically offer contract for deed terms of 3-5 years. Interest rates are usually around 5-7%. Sellers typically want 10% down to do MN owner financing on a Home-Condo-Twin homes-Lake property-River front property New construction-Hobby farms-MN lake houses-Cabins-waterfront properties-farm ect-

We have a variety of properties all areas in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin. Banks owned town homes- Real Estate contract for deed-

Why would you want to do owner financing on home or other real estate? You save a lot of money up front in closing costs.

  1. You don’t have to qualify with a bank unless it is a bank owned property and I would recommend staying away from those properties because you have to fill out a lot of information just as if you were getting a mortgage.
  2. Bad credit usually isn’t an issue- 99% of buyers have some credit issue Bankruptcy or a foreclosure-lack of job history-Relocation to MN or Wisconsin from another state-Job transfer,Self Employed.
  3. Down payment on a land contract is usually 10% and if you want an investment property banks now days want a minimum of 20%-30% down.
  4. Quick closings and possession for most listings. Once title work is completed you can close if the home is not occupied.

Remember when buying a Condo or Twin home or Town house you still have association rules to look over and make a decision if that property is right for you. For example of you run a business from your home a condos or town home may not be the best of choice for you do with the rules. You still have the 10-day right to approve condo documents on the association.

Some people advertise contract for deed properties and don’t know much about them we work with owner financing everyday so why go anywhere else?

It is wise to work with a professional Real Estate Broker who knows land contracts or a real estate attorney.

Buyers who buy a property with owner financing in Mn or WI can work on there credit if they have credit issues-Bankruptcy-tax liens- If you recently relocated to Minnesota or Wisconsin you have time to establish your job history.

If you are an investor you get to build your wealth with out using all your money or credit to buy real estate. Duplexes-Single family-Muti family-Commercial and much more.

If you are a seller one great benefit is it allows the distribution of the tax reports for capital gains. This does not alter the capitals gains itself but it usually allows the seller to make a substantial tax savings.

The MN sellers still hold legal title to the property as well as the deed. If the buyer or buyers fail to perform on the contract there are provisions in the contract that allow the seller to take back the property.

Please seek legal advice cancelling the contract..

MN Rent to own: Is different you are renting the property to buy at a future date. This is a good option for buyers who do not have much money to put down. The price is usually set for a future date. This option you are not the owner nor can you write off the interest on your taxes. You also cannot alter anything with out permission from the seller and pets are another thing you with have to ask the owner if you can have pets. With a land contract you own you can have what ever pets you like.

 We work with contract for deed homes on a daily basis.

 New contract for deed listings and Owner financing information always free. Alot of people are down sizing in this economy we can help you. Clients are better off buying a home on a contract for deed than renting you can write off the interest on the contract payments -taxes- ect similar as having a mortgage but less closing costs and you deal with the property owner verses a bank.

“””Do not pay to get Real Estate listings we can send them to you for free.””



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